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AUDITING & ASSURANCE Over many years we have developed a strong relationship with De Winnaar Viljoen Chartered Accountant in the core area of audit and assurance services required by our clients. Viljoen and Partners are qualified to provide statutory audit and compliance services to all types of organisations. For more information
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In association with De Winnaar Viljoen CA (SA) - Registered Auditor
SARS - SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICES We are registered tax practioners with the South African Revenue Services.  Our staff are fully trained in the completion of all SA Revenue Services registration forms and returns and we deal with SARS at all levels including objections to assessments and resolution of disputes.  Allow us to liaise with SARS on your behalf in any of the following: Employees tax - registration (individual) Employees tax - registration (corporate) Employees tax - tax return (individual) Employees tax - tax return (corporate) Employees tax - deregistration (individual) Employees tax - deregistration (corporate) E-Filing services Import / Export licences Income tax - registration (individual) Income tax - registration (corporate) Income tax - tax return (individual) Income tax - tax return (corporate) Income tax - deregistration (individual) Income tax - deregistration (corporate) Skills Development Levy - registrations Skills Development Levy - returns Unemployment Insurance Fund - registrations Unemployment Insurance Fund - returns Value added tax - registration (individual) Value added tax - registration (corporate) Value added tax - tax return (individual) Value added tax - tax return (corporate) Value added tax - deregistration (individual) Value added tax - deregistration (corporate) Tax clearance certificates Tax directives Objections and Resolution of Disputes Customs duties and claims for refund Investigation into outstanding accounts with SARS Correcting errors on accounts with SARS Negotiation of repayment plans with SARS and obtaining discounts Assisting with tax claims Structuring of salary packages with the purpose of saving tax General tax advice For more information please contact Richard Ferguson on +27 31 566 6640 or email us by clicking here.
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Doing Business In South Africa We have assisted many International Entrepreneurs to setup a branch or subsidiary company in South Africa.  For more information
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